Hello! Welcome to the first post of our new Anima Women’s Network website.

We have been thinking a lot of about Anima and its direction over the last couple of years. We decided that in order to reach more women around Australia that we needed to set up an online presence that adhered to our organisations original mission.  We felt that there was a kind of ‘spiritual isolation’ in our culture. We wanted to help connect, spiritually form and support those who might not otherwise be able to get to physical events.

We also wanted to communicate and support a little more directly and a little more frequently with the countless women we have met over the years so we thought we would add  a blog to the site.  We are not entirely sure of the direction it will go, but, as Chesterton said, “if it is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” If not completely badly, perhaps a little simply at first.

We have so many talented people in our network here in Australia and we wanted to try and highlight the good things that they were doing; along with reflections, catechesis, and inspiration from our rich cultural heritage that seems to be forgotten.

We will as ever, ask our patrons, The Holy Myrrh Bearers and Mary our Mother to guide our steps into the future and of course to pray for you.

With Love and Prayers,
The Anima Team