Around the Web – An Advent/Christmas Music Edition

The birth of Christ has inspired musicians and composers through the millennia. There are many beautiful musical traditions in our churches and culture today, even if our current western culture sometimes gets a little confused as to when Christmas time actually begins! It is often a good way to connect with other Christian denominations and enjoy this time together.

Whether it be Handel’s Messiah, Lessons and Carols in various forms, a local Christmas concert or Tchaikovsky’s Christmas themed ballet, music at this time is something beautiful to enter into and has power to speak to our soul.

We’ve had a look on the web and found a couple of events in different places around the country to let you know what is available. There are so many more! Have a search and look around your own part of the world to see what is happening. Often Cathedrals invite orchestra’s and choirs to give concerts and smaller church’s with strong musical ties, have their choirs and organists practice for weeks to be able to put on, often more affordable, options for people than the famous concert halls.

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra – Handel’s Messiah

Perth Symphonic Chorus – Handel’s Messiah 

The Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir – Handel’s Messiah 

A Christmas Concert in Hobart 

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra – Handel’s Messiah

The Australian Chamber Orchestra – Bach’s Christmas Oratorio

Here’s an example of a local parish in Melbourne putting on a beautiful evening of music.

For those who are not able to get to something there is a lovely musical online advent calendar idea from The Barefoot Abbey.