About Us

The Anima Women’s Network was formed in 2003 to provide a hub of communication and encouragement between women, from different age groups and in a variety of walks of life, involved in different movements and vocations within the Church. The common ground for us is our shared sisterhood in the faith and our concerns to promote, in a concrete way, love, a culture of life and the dignity of women.

Anima aims to enrich the lives of women by addressing the issues that women face in their faith, families, relationships, workplaces and society. It focuses on four key areas.

Spiritual: Anima distinguishes itself from other more activist women’s organisations by emphasising the need to understand and inform women and those around them about the authentic God-given dignity of women and the importance of their prophetic voice and their spiritual insight.  In this we are particularly inspired by the Holy Women of our Faith Tradition.

Pastoral: Anima recognises the experience and “feminine genius” of women inspired by the Holy Spirit- but also recognises that often women have little concrete support to develop and sustain their gifts and talents.  Anima aims to provide opportunities and places in which women experience real-life support from inspirational speakers, like-minded women and from the authentic faith Tradition.  Anima is also keen to hear from women about the challenges and blessings they experience.
We therefore give priority to events which nurture the distinctiveness and individuality of women and their need for contemplative and reflective enrichment.

Formative: Anima emphasises vocational discernment, spiritual growth and personal well-being as well as the promotion of understanding and greater knowledge of key aspects of the faith life.
Each Anima event or project aims to elevate, nourish and transform the lives of women participants.

Relational:  Anima works with the ingenuity of its Team members, and the grace of the Holy Spirit to gather together like-minded women for the exchange of ideas, inspiration and engagement.
This may be at a parish or larger level, where the women work closely with the pastoral work of the priest and others who work towards Church’s vision for women, family, life and culture. We have also seen the need recently to work on a stronger web platform to reach those who cannot make it to physical events.