Around the Web – Week 3, 2018

Hello for another week, coming to you from a very hot Melbourne. We are hunckered down in the air-conditioning trying to keep ourselves from melting! Hope that you, wherever you are in Australia and even New Zealand, are surviving ok and that your electricity hasn't decided to pack it in. Burnout. It seems to be [...]

Around The Web – Week 2, 2018

Hello and welcome to this week's post where we highlight things of interest happening all over the web-sphere. This week on our blog we had a guest post from Virtue Ministry which looked into the need for a cultivation of virtue in our society today. It is an issue that seems to be misunderstood at [...]

Around the Web – Week 1, 2018

Welcome to the first Around The Web for 2018. We let the page go a little quiet over the Christmas/New Year break after all our frenzied activity during Advent. We hope you had a blessed Christmas and feel ready to tackle whatever it is that 2018 throws at you! As we are still within the [...]

Around the Web – An Advent/Christmas Music Edition

The birth of Christ has inspired musicians and composers through the millennia. There are many beautiful musical traditions in our churches and culture today, even if our current western culture sometimes gets a little confused as to when Christmas time actually begins! It is often a good way to connect with other Christian denominations and [...]

Around the Web

We wanted to start a bit of a regular series on this blog of items of interest around the web. Not necessarily only Catholic in nature, but showcasing what is good, or true, or beautiful or all three! We want to profile different blogs, articles from magazines and newspapers, video clips, podcasts to listen to, [...]