Reflections on Myrrh and Advent

On December 2nd 2017, the Anima Women’s Team organized its first live Advent Retreat at St Philip’s parish North Blackburn. The women shared a rich and prayerful time, especially thanks to Father Paschal Corby OFM (Conv)’s reflections, and to the Parish of St Philip’s. Special thanks go to Fr Nicholas Dillon, the Parish Priest, who [...]

Zelie and Me

Sometimes, an encounter between two souls results in an instant friendship; a spark fueled by a recognition of like souls, kindred spirits if you will; a binding friendship that is immediately for life. ‘Twas not so with St Zelie and I. I seem to recall our first encounter occurring behind the great basilica in Lisieux [...]

Mary Glowrey – Part 3, Her Feminine Genius

Let’s now turn to a reflection on Mary Glowrey and the “feminine genius.” Of all the characteristics of Saint John Paul II’s notion of the “feminine genius,” perhaps the most primary one is receptivity. It is on the foundation of receptivity that other characteristics, such as sensitivity, generosity, service and maternity, can grow. Receptivity is [...]

Mary’s Example of Femininity

Today’s modern woman is a victim of what we might call the superwomen syndrome. The feminist mantra of gender equality and freedom from patriarchal oppression has failed to secure her happiness. Rather, many women face the daily grind of pushing themselves to excel at juggling a professional career, family life as well as the societal [...]

Mary Glowrey – Part 1 The Story of her Life

For some, Mary Glowrey needs no introduction, but for many, they have never heard of this pioneering woman who  is on the road to becoming Australia's next saint. We will be presenting a three part series on her life based on the talk given at an Anima event in October 2017 by Helenka Pasztetnik. Thank you so [...]

Our Patronesses

Over twenty years ago, St John Paul II wrote in his Apostolic Letter on the Dignity and Vocation of Women (Mulieris Dignitatem): ‘From the beginning of Christ’s mission, women show to him and to his mystery a special sensitivity which is characteristic of their femininity. It must also be said that this is especially confirmed in [...]