Around the Web – Week 3, 2018

Hello for another week, coming to you from a very hot Melbourne. We are hunckered down in the air-conditioning trying to keep ourselves from melting! Hope that you, wherever you are in Australia and even New Zealand, are surviving ok and that your electricity hasn't decided to pack it in. Burnout. It seems to be [...]

Cultivating Virtue Unearths Life’s Purpose

Vice driven decisions begin slowly, like a small snowball, as it begins its descent down the steep slope. Then, as vice feeds upon vice the snowball grows to gigantic proportions and travels at extreme speed before it crashes spectacularly at the base of the mountain, causing untold damage to village below. Our culture, like the [...]

Finding God in Every Day Life – Anima Retreat Perth

The Anima Women's Network in Perth, supported by the Respect Life Office are holding a live-in women's retreat between 16th and 18th February which will be facilitated by psychologist Meredith Secomb. In modern day life, with its distractions, anxiety, depression, anger and addiction, it seems hard to experience God’s transforming love and healing touch. However, [...]

Breathing New Life into Women’s Dignity.

Today many young women not only refuse to describe themselves as “feminists” they have no idea that “International Women’s Day” on March 8th, began on the day that women in Germany and Austria first attained the right to vote in 1911. Christian women both in Germany and around the world were key players in promoting [...]