“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

We are so glad that you are here. Anima has always seen the need to encourage women to find the stillness in their lives so that you can truly know God. We hold an annual Lenten Retreat every year in Melbourne and we added to this in to 2017 with what we hope will be an annual Advent retreat. Over in Perth our Anima team also puts on retreats and reflections days for women. There is a live-in Retreat in Perth in Feb 2018, please click here for more information. 

We will be promoting these and also other retreats that people let us know about, throughout the year.

We do understand, however,  that life can be hectic and you might find it difficult to find opportunities to spend time with Christ. For many, travel, time constraints, responsibilities at home or at work mean attending a physical retreat is impossible.

For this past Advent (2017) we created a simple online platform to be able to provide women a place where they can stop and pray at a time that suits their schedule. We wanted to help with the need to make time to be still, to know that He is God.

We are planning a similar idea for Lent. If you did partake in our Advent retreat please let us know if you found it helpful, what you thought worked well and if you have any ideas for us going forward.

If you would like to be emailed with information about the online Lenten Retreat click here.