Mary Glowrey – Part 3, Her Feminine Genius

Let’s now turn to a reflection on Mary Glowrey and the “feminine genius.” Of all the characteristics of Saint John Paul II’s notion of the “feminine genius,” perhaps the most primary one is receptivity. It is on the foundation of receptivity that other characteristics, such as sensitivity, generosity, service and maternity, can grow. Receptivity is [...]

Mary Glowrey – Part 1 The Story of her Life

For some, Mary Glowrey needs no introduction, but for many, they have never heard of this pioneering woman who  is on the road to becoming Australia's next saint. We will be presenting a three part series on her life based on the talk given at an Anima event in October 2017 by Helenka Pasztetnik. Thank you so [...]

Anima Wine and Cheese Night

On Friday 6th October we relaunched Anima Women's Network with a wine and cheese event at the Mary Glowrey Museum on the grounds of the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. It was so wonderful to be able to touch base again with women who have been our supporters for so long. A beautiful spread was [...]