Around the Web

We wanted to start a bit of a regular series on this blog of items of interest around the web. Not necessarily only Catholic in nature, but showcasing what is good, or true, or beautiful or all three! We want to profile different blogs, articles from magazines and newspapers, video clips, podcasts to listen to, exhibitions that are worth while to check out, whatever strikes us as something that might be interesting. We hope it will be our favorite things for the week – and that you can browse through them easily and quickly.

This week there are a couple of things to start us off.

There is a recent article in First Things about the art of letter writing and what we may be actually losing because it is no longer considered to be essential. It is an interesting reflection on how although technology has been able to overcome distance, expense and time, it seems to have come at the cost of giving to others our own uniqueness. Might be an idea to start looking into sending those Christmas cards and handwriting a letter every now and again!

Here is a reflection on the fall of the Berlin Wall which happened 28 years ago this week. It reminds us that it was the people who realised that Communism was ultimately a failure and that finally when they came together, there was nothing that could stop them from rejecting such an oppressive regime. The author also reminds us, in the month of Holy Souls, to remember all those who died fighting the Communist idea.

Although we are definitely in the midst of November and some of these feast days have passed,  we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of  linking to this post that lists ideas for making various feast days in November just that little more special in the literal ‘feasting’ department. Especially if you are looking to try and make the Feast of Christ the King a bit more of a focus in your year. Here’s a podcast by Bishop Robert Baron on this important feast in our Liturgical Calendar.

The Deesis Mosaic from the Hagia Sophia. This icon of Christ represents one of the earlier representations of Christ as king.

– Just a note, when we link to a site we are not always endorsing the whole site, but just the post of interest on the site.